Sunday, January 22, 2012

1965 Datsun 1200 Pickup

While letting the resin setup between layers on Hutchs' CB100 fiberglass seat we went a little west of downtown to check out this 1965 Datsun 1200 pickup.  Minimal rust and starts right up.  Brakes and clutch need some attention...He wants more than I can afford but I eventually want one of this beauties to restore/rat out like we do bikes.  The bed is still long enough to fit bikes in too....

From the front

Engine looked decent.....the airbox had been taken off at this point.  1200CC engine.....

The bottom little knobby thing swings open to reveal a key slot.....

The inside was beautiful.  This is just one of the many little details that makes this truck sick.

Rally style steering wheel. (according to Doug)

Big bucket seat.  

The downward facing tail section lighting is pimpin'.  
The font on the tailgate is soo cool.....ugh...

Does anyone have an extra 3000 I can have?
I guess my father had one of these 60's Datsun trucks that he got rid of around the time I was born....I mentioned this one to him and he talked about his.  I didn't even know he had one.  He sold it to my uncle contacted him through my cousin but I guess it was taken to the scrapyard in the 90's after sitting behind a barn somewhere for a while.  I guess in the winter if you don't keep some type of antifreeze agent in the gas, it would freeze in the carb.  He said that all you had to do though was turn it off and wait for the heat of the engine to thaw it out then you could get going again.  
If I already had my garage built I would take out a loan and put this in storage....

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  1. I would say by the condition of your L320 I would estimate it at about $3,500.
    I have had a couple and am restoring 1 now.
    One in perfect condition may be worth $5,000-$8,000. Rare occassions will they sell for more then that.