Saturday, January 14, 2012

Honda CB100 Wiring Chop (color coded!)

CB/CL100 Wiring diagram chop

These old Honda's are fun to chop the wiring on.  I think it is strange that there isn't a regulator.  I am going to upgrade the rectifier from the red finned one to a selenium style.   The battery will stay charged even with the headlight running all the time.  When you run one of these the white and yellow wires running out of the engine join before going into the rectifier.  The pink stays by itself.
If you want one to fit the stock wiring harness go to this guy.

I have had a lot of luck with these on cb/cl350's.  I even run Halogen lights and 5.5amp hour sealed small 12v batteries without any problems at all.  His battery eliminators also work pretty good.

He is sold out right now but I have a one I would be willing to let go of.


  1. sir namaskar i need honda dream yuga model 2012 electrical wiring diagram ,how to load i

  2. What does the condensor near the ignition coil do?

  3. I've noticed on the diagram for the class 100 you have the hot wire coming off the ignition and into the coil. Do you still run the blue to the condenser?