Sunday, January 8, 2012

197? XL350

Dear Terre Haute Indiana,
     I have now had one good experience in your city.  Thank you.

197? Honda XL350 with a big bore kit.  
Was raced back in the day then sat in a barn for 30 years.  
At least that is what "Willie" said.  Nice guy.  
Might have to de-bore the cylinder and swap you, Mr. XL350 engine.  
I am losing it.  School starts up again tomorrow.  
Time to flip that switch....time to go back to normal person land.  It's hard and it gets harder every time I have to do it.  Mr. Tim knows.  
Where are we moving T.J.?  
Arizona?  Paris?  Tokyo?

My soon to be married, old bandmate and skate friend who is crazier than he looks and can fix your eyes something fierce brought over his 1980 CX500 carbs.  One of the main jets had decided to commit suicide right out into the float bowl.  Silly thing.  Hopefully it runs better now!  Good luck getting those back on, Mr. Eric.

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