Monday, January 16, 2012

Three Day Weekend

I once heard someone say the weekend only comes once a week........
            ( )
Well this week it was extra long and though I didn't really appreciate it because I just got off holiday break from the classroom, it was fun filled to say the least....

Here is a little recap in photos.

Gotta drink the 'bucha in smoothies everyday.

House garage got a new friend.  
Wiring on the CB100 officially commenced.
Waiting for a rectifier and condenser. 

Runnin' low on herb so I hit my dealer up.........

A little light reading.

Engines and frames. Stickers and bolts.
Staying busy to stay busy.

Coloring is therapeutic.  Finding quotes like this is too.
Gun and knife show, first and last.

Moyou graduated to sleeping in the living room at night.  
I have felt so bad about that stupid crate and have been waiting for this day for so so long.  
Can't wait till I can trust her to be out during the day too.
I also have a prospect on another XL350 that will not require an engine rebuild....4.5 hrs both ways.  Two tanks of gas total....  
That isn't too far right?  
Hope for good weather on Saturday.  Maybe I will take the pup....she got car sick last time we were in the truck for 2 hours though.....probably too stressful for her.  

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