Friday, January 6, 2012

Grant and Gunnar \/ Honda CB500 and CB350

The weather was amazing today...working on bikes is way more fun when it is warmer too.  
Got a lot done.  
Gunz should be taking his cb350 home tomorrow as long as CRC2 has what he needs.....then I can spend Sunday getting the garage ready to park my car in it for the real winter weather before it starts.

Grant and I rode back to my place and we took off his turn signals.


After....sorry about the bad picture.

He also added Indiana to the front fender.  He made this plate in high school a while back.

Gunnar and Ben showed up a little later and I had his seat pan ready for some cushion.
Ben and Gunz put on the chain and we messed with the clutch for a minute but realized he needs a shifter lever and the clutch mechanism doesn't have the 3 steel balls it need to work properly.  
Off to CRC2 tomorrow.
When they left I came in to finish it up.

Cut the foam with my electric meat knife good.  Fabric is ready too.

I hate rivets.
If they make an automatic rivet gun, I want it.  
My baby hands always hurt so bad from this.

This is what the bike looks like done.  Bad picture again...I am too lazy to re-shoot.  
I will get some decent shots before he takes her home tomorrow.

I also wired the bike up this morning.   

I used the same rectifier that I have on my 350's.  
Everything runs like it should. 
(right now)
Checked the charging system and it was doing its job.

I had my workspace somewhat organized the other day.  
Maybe I can clean tomorrow.

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  1. Are you using a "Radioshack-rectifier" for a bike this big?